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Our Vision

“To flourish and grow”

Our vision is to empower every child to approach life with optimism, creativity and compassion. We believe that through God’s love, we can make a difference. Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where seeds flourish and roots grow.(Luke 8: 4-15)

Courageous optimism

It takes courage to hope for a better future.  We champion a ‘can do’ attitude and encourage our pupils and staff to tackle challenges with resilience and perseverance as they reach for ambitious targets

Boundless creativity

Through captivating discoveries in the classroom and eye-opening adventures in the outside world, we give pupils freedom and promote varied learning experiences which stimulate innovation and develop adaptability.

Heartfelt compassion

We show love and respect to each member of our community as we nurture a powerful collective spirit. In humility we embrace difference and individuality, show forgiveness when necessary, and are united by compassion.


This is our Christian foundation which enables us to encourage and inspire one another so that we may all  thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our mission, as a Church of England School, is to provide an education that gives all pupils the opportunity to develop within a happy, caring and safe environment grounded upon the values of the Christian faith.

Daily worship in school, in addition to special services at Eight Ash Green & Fordham All Saints Churches, are an important part of our Christian Ethos as well as developing a sense of community and belonging for every child.

Year on year, the children will develop their understanding of our vision through our collective worship, enabling them to reflect on what Holy Trinity’s vision and values mean to them and how these help them to prepare for life in the wider world, as well as to achieve and succeed in school.

At Holy Trinity we see ourselves as a family, where each individual member is seen as special and is nurtured to be the best they can be. Through a rich curriculum, with God’s love at the centre, we hope to enable every member of our community to flourish.